Student Workshop Program

Circuits and Systems for Sustainable Environment, Communication and Health

The Student Workshop will be held in parallel to the IEEE interregional flagship NEWCAS 2022 conference (June 19-22, 2022). It aims to foster exchanges between students and researchers from worldwide universities, offering the chance for graduate students to promote their innovative ideas with regards to sustainability (low power circuits and systems for communications, healthcare, environmental monitoring). They will be able to show their work and results during a dedicated live session, explaining their work and answering questions from a jury during a 10-minute slot. The jury includes representatives from different universities and will determine the best student’s work. Student main authors are restricted to bachelor and master students. The workshop is co-organized by Université Laval, Canada, University Concordia, Canada, Meiji University, Japan, Tokyo University of Science, Japan, Université Grenoble-Alpes, France, and the Quebec Strategic Cluster for Microsystems (ReSMiQ), Canada.

Co-Chairs: Florence Podevin, Kawori Sekine

Tuesday June 21, 2022
7:30am – 9:45am
Room 308B

– Configuration and Verification of Ising Machine System using Microcomputer and LSI chip, Akari Endo (Tokyo, JP)
– Measurement of Current-Controlled Oscillator circuit used in ADC for Biological Sensor, Natsuki Ando (Meiji, JP)
– Body Bias Dependence of Aging Degradation Using Current Starved Ring Oscillators, Hayato Tsuchiya (Tokyo, JP)
– Multi-stage method to increase the temperature coefficient in PTAT voltage generator circuit, Hiroshi Kobayashi (Meiji, JP)
– Data Reduction Through Optimized Quantization for More Compact Neural Networks, Berhié Gouin-Ferland (Sherbrooke, CA)
– Multi-Phase Oscillator Design for N-path Mixer, Fadel Mohsen (Grenoble, FR)
– Graph Machine Learning for Real Time EMG Hand Gesture Detection, Etienne Buteau (Laval, CA)
– Oscillator Based Bio-Sensor for Skin Sweating Detection: A Feasibility Survey, Naveen Srinivassane (Grenoble, FR)
– Full Coverage HD EMG Matrix With Flexible PCB, Félix Chamberland (Laval, CA)

Wednesday June 22, 2022
7:30am – 9:45am
Room 308B

– Low Power , NMOS LC oscillator With Tail Feedback, Haruki Nakata (Tokyo, JP)
– Digital Visible Light Communication of 2 Mbps using Illuminated Light, Keita Lida (Meiji, JP)
– FPGA Implementation Evaluation of Ternary Sparse Net without NOR, Taichi Megumi (Tokyo, JP)
– JEye: Intramuscular Site Detection for Autonomous Injection using Vitis AI, Runxi Wang (Shangai, CN)
– Neural Network Implementation on FPGAs, Charles-Etienne Grangé (Sherbrooke, CA)
– Portable Biomedical Devices for the Health Condition Monitoring : A Systematic Review, Jonathan Levesque (Laval, CA)
– Design of a Spintronic-based Neural Network, Sara Manaa (Grenoble, FR)
– Multi-frequency impedance flow cytometry applied to bacteria classification, Karim Bouzid (Laval, CA)
– Detecting Respiratory Rate Using Flexible Multimaterial Fiber Electrodes Designed for a Wearable Garme, Michelle Janusz (Laval, CA)